Live system status chart for CPU, RAM, Network, Battery usage at the top of your terminal

For some reasons I need to know how much resources my cli tools are consuming on my M1 MacBook Air. Yet, Activity Monitor or htop do not quite fit my use case due to the smaller screen size.

So I try to go for this approach which I like a…

Get things done faster and easier.

1. neofetch

When managing project that is using micro-services architecture which requires multiple servers, neofetch is the best tool out there to give you a quick glance on everything you need to know about the server specs.

Github Page:

Quick install on Ubuntu:

Without relying on third-party API

1. Install Tampermonkey extension on your browser.

2. Add New Script

3. Paste UserScript

This is related to a recent issue and there is workaround.

When I was browsing YouTube (using Safari) earlier today, I noticed that HDR videos are not working properly. I checked my settings and experimental features, everything is fine, then I started searching on Google.

Initially I stumble upon this discussion in Apple Community:

Originally I thought that it was going…

There are two native ways to do so.

I started to switch my daily workflow to the M1 MacBook Air base model since January 2021.

Since the M1 MacBook Pro launch, I believe there are another batch of pro users only just had their first experience with the M1 Macs and quickly stumble upon issues with their apps…

Maximising the use of your financial instrument.

1. The BNPL(Buy-Now-Pay-Later) service I’m using is provided by Grab app. Terms and user experiences may differ.
2. This article is meant for information sharing and is not a financial advise.


In order to extend your PayLater bill, first you need to at least have

  1. A credit card, or…

You can use <datalist> to improve <select>, but only in certain conditions.

Why not <select>?

When you want users to select one option from a huge list of data, most likely you will be using the <select> element. However, in certain conditions, there are limitations that make <select> harder to use when you have more than 30 items to pick, especially on mobile phones.


Disclaimer: Near-native on top of Chromium engine

I started to use the M1 Macbook Air as my main work machine in early 2021. Apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint that belong to the Microsoft Office suite are able to support Apple Silicon not very long after the M1 machine's debut, which I’m happy about.

But, one interestingly annoying…

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